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All characters from CLEOPATRA 54 BC continue their narratives.


Nefertari was largely raised in the Theban desert as part of two families in the tomb robbing trade.  When she was old enough, she helped her father collect antiquities from various administrative and royal tombs.  When her father died in a tomb accident, she leveraged her scribe and business skills into being the most respected bookkeeper in Thebes.  She is a very independent, no nonsense woman, who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Unfortunately, she suffers from chronic migraines.  These can sometimes be triggered by her work, but more often they happen for no reason at all.


Ramesses was a member of the other family that partnered in robbing tombs.  He and Nefertari were raised together: played together, took naps together, learned to read hieroglyphics together, collected antiquities together.  Ramesses' father quit the risky underground end of the business to sell mere replicas to tourists (along with actual antiquities under the table).  When Ramesses went with him, it caused a rift in the families, leaving Nefertari's aging father to do the hard work better suited to a young man.

Ramesses makes a living selling antiquity replicas to tourists: carvings, paintings, jewelry ... whatever sells.  He has a workshop staffed with willing orphans that create some of the goods that Ramesses himself doesn't make.

Ramesses has been madly in love with Nefertari since he was 7.  He has eyes for no one else.  This falls in line with what their parents wanted since their births: their names were picked to match an ancient pharaoh and his favorite wife.  Nefertari's just not interested.


Dragonfly has had a hard life, so far.  Born speech and hearing impaired, she's lived 6 years without being able to communicate, being abused worse than an animal by her father.  She witnessed her father beat her own mother to death, and escaped her own demise by hiding in a caravan.  The traders weren't mean spirited, but they had no extra resources to take care of her and dropped her off outside of Thebes.  When her story starts, she's fighting a dog for a crust of bread.


It DOES get better for her.


Felix is a freelance musician in Thebes.  He sings and plays stringed instruments.  Being a musician also means he does odd jobs to make ends meet: fish mongering, garbage hauling, bussing tables, tending bar, ... like others in his profession, he does what he has to.

Felix is having some problems with early onset arthritis, which is a bit frightening considering he needs his hands to make a living.  He's also visited by bouts of clinical depression.  Fortunately, he can depend on his partner for support.


Ki supports herself and her father by doing whatever she can: she sings with Felix when he gets work ... or anyone else, but she's also a freelance dancer.  Greeks are quite fond of an ancient Egypt they imagine, and throw parties with costumed entertainers.  Ki is the best in Thebes in this area, and is able inject enthusiasm into any group, and really bring life to any gathering ... resulting in bigger tips.

When not performing, Ki tries to sell her own artwork in the souk.  Some are classic reproductions of tomb paintings, and some are images of the iconic locations like Hatshepsut's and Ramesses' temples.  For an extra fee, Ki will paint tourists into some of her scenic pictures.  Ki also tries to sell some of her fantasy/mythological art.  If she can find a musician to help her, she'll dance for tips in the souk, as well.  Whatever it takes.

Ki wouldn't mind a tumble with Ramesses ... or a couple ... but he's simply not available.

Uncle Stuffy

His real name is "Zezemonekh" and he's younger than Felix, but what else would YOU call him?  Just look at him.

Stuffy plays wind instruments with Felix, and sings with a deep bass voice.  His partner constantly keeps him off balance with her mean/nice, cold/hot behavior towards him.  Some parts he likes a lot.  Some parts he does not.


They used to call him "Itchy" because they misunderstood his unconscious worrying of various cuts, abrasions, and other wounds from his job as a stone mason.  Now, Felix  and Stuffy call him "Stumpy" anticipating an injury that will result in the loss of some body part, a common hazard of the profession.  Stumpy is actually more of an artisan, and his accidents are mostly the result of incompetent day laborers.

Stumpy plays wind instruments and sings baritone harmony with Felix and Stuffy.



​Not much is known about Geech.  His mother claims the name comes from some early childhood incident with ducks.  Is it his real name, or a nickname?


Geech provides percussion.  He doesn't say much, but he sings tenor and falsetto harmonies with Felix, Stuffy, and Stumpy.

He likes to hit anything that makes noise.

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