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Please feel free to send any interesting thoughts or questions you have about my books or the time period in general.  I'm pretty good on a time span of 39 years starting in 69 BC (yes, I know it's really BCE), and fairly competent a few decades in either direction.

If I think it might be interesting to others, I'll post it.  Be sure you tell me how you want to be credited ("Bill from Kalamazoo", etc.).


You can send me opinions, but I won't post them.  I only post things you can look up in peer reviewed journals/books ... not blogs and Wikipedia. 

I understand this kind of thing inevitably generates hate mail.  I've got a delete key on my keyboard to handle it.

Thanks for submitting!

I'm always looking for good source material.  If you can add to any of my "WHAT'S TRUE" posts, please 'submit' the details to me.  I require enough info to double-check your source and read it myself.  "I heard once ..." does not count as a good source.

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