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Shenanigans in Ancient Egypt


A little bit of "Friends", a little bit of "Scrubs", a little bit of Indiana Jones, a tiny-tiny whiff of Robert Graves, all wound around a humorous view of historic figures.  Take a trip into Ptolemaic Egypt where men do the grunt work and women call the shots.  Cleopatra is "a" character, but she's only 15 and 16 (depending on book): none of that breathless Caesar and Marc Antony bodice bursting ... that doesn't happen for another 6 years ... and there's a lot happening outside the bounds of royal palaces.  

Tired of puffed up elitist actors promenading around and speaking like Shakespeare?  You won't find that here.  Imagine YOU were wearing a Greek tunic, Egyptian kilt, or sheath dress and were just trying to get by.

Despite Cleopatra being a teenager, these aren't for the kiddies.  Adult humor and situations, nothing explicit.

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I enjoyed this book so much that I read it straight through over the weekend. It's got a little bit of everything, politics, humor, intrigue, an expedition up the Nile, and even manages a touch of erotica without getting dirty. While the ending is perfectly satisfactory, I thought I caught a hint in the end notes that there may be another book sometimes in the distant future, so I can always hope.

I loved all of the linguistic humor and cultural misunderstandings, and the way the author made the lives of scribes and temple priestesses come alive in a by concentrating on the interesting possibilities of their professions rather than on modern sensibilities.

I wish I was a better review writer but I'm always afraid of giving away too much so I'll leave it at that.

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