All these references are free, most are downloadable, click on cover

In my research, I stumbled across some nice sources describing Dendera and the Temple of Hathor.  They are "must reads" if you actually plan on going and REALLY appreciating what you're looking at.  For someone who's not going, it might be interesting to explore the temple from your couch ... with some nachos and beer.  


Embarrass the guides with your corrections.  Be a total know-it-all jerk to anyone within hearing range, especially your friends.


See the Dendera that Napoleon's artists saw.  There is some spectacular artwork here.  For that matter, go to Wikipedia and walk through ALL the Napoleonic drawings of Egypt.


This little jewel comes from 1892, but it contains detailed information on every single room in the Temple of Hathor.  Know more than your govt certified guide.


(In French) Published in 1990, this is pretty current.  It contains a lot of explanations of the religious iconography and some very good diagrams.  Can't read French?  Learn how to cut&paste into Google translator (you'll thank me later).  You might need a login to for this one (C'mon ... who doesn't have an Academia login?)