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FREE BOOKS!!! OCT 1-5, 2020

Both of the Cleopatra Kebab books available completely free of charge!

Do the same thing you would do in a bookstore: rifle the pages, look at the illustrations, read little snippets to see if they get juicy. Does Caesar stomp around with a puffed up chest and an upper-class English accent, like in the movies? Does Cleopatra wear elegant gowns, dripping with jewels, or does she work through endless stacks of bills in a tunic? What have you got to lose?

If they're not your cup of tea, Kindle files can be deleted ... or you can transfer them to another Kindle and give them as a gift. How is someone else gonna know if you read it already: it's not like the pages get wrinkled, or something.

No Kindle? Amazon will give you a free Kindle reader for your PC.

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